Why in the heck do you want to train for the CrossFit Games?

Reasons I shouldn’t (fears I have):

  • Being a CrossFit Games athlete has to be your full-time job (remember that article, it’s impossible for reg folks to make it these days)
  • If I don’t drop everything and train all day I will be wasting my time
  • I’m too old
  • I’ll never catch the  Lauren Fishers of the world (started training young)
  • What if it’s impossible
  • What if I waste my time and fail
  • Pipe Dream??

Reasons I should (When I put fears aside):

  • CrossFit makes me happy, joyful and fulfilled
  • PRs, pushing through the dark places, learning a new skill, improving technique and being in the gym all day gives me butterflies inside, the passionate kind
  • If I had zero responsibilities and could do whatever I wanted I would be in the gym, training hard and happy. I would take breaks to play with my kid and go to the beach (maybe run on the beach too!)
  • Training at such a high level would empower me so much as a coach later on
  • Coaching and helping others improve in life via CrossFit is incredibly  satisfying
  • “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” -Socrates

  • What is more satisfying than the end of a hard day’s work?

Okay, but WHY the CrossFit Games? (Why not just do CrossFit and compete locally?)

Because I’m terrified to try. What if I fail? Even more terrifying is not trying. Always wondering “what-if”. I want to try and I want to win or I want to lose. I want to give it my all and prove to myself that I can succeed.

I can see myself making it to Regionals. I can see myself out in California soaking up the energy of the amazing athletes around me at the Games. I can see myself competing against the best and I feel like I belong there. I want to achieve an unattainable goal. I want to do the impossible. I want to want it so badly that I can taste it and then I want to go and get it. I want to be disciplined enough to accomplish something spectacular. I want to have to work so hard and so tirelessly that when I achieve my goal I will know it wasn’t chance, it wasn’t luck, it wasn’t genetic. It was a hard day’s work. Repeated day in and day out. Until the job was done.

Last remaining doubts:

  • You’re barely two months sober and you never follow through with your goals anyway.
  • What makes you think you can pull this one off?
  • How many times have people tried and failed this dream?
  • Why are you any different?
  • You’ll never catch up..You’ve wasted too much time. You’re not a college athlete. You’re not even the best in your gym. You can’t.
  •  Be realistic

Doubts are dumb, think this instead:

  • You’ve been sober for TWO WHOLE MONTHS and you never thought you would make it here
  • You tried to stop drinking for years and failed and failed but now look at you
  • If you can kick THAT…You can do ANYTHING…You’re freaking awesome
  • Why not? Train Smarter. Be the exception. Become the best. You can.
  • How many people told you it wasn’t “realistic” to quit drinking FOREVER?
  • Get friends who support your dreams
  • Don’t rely on other people for your own worth
  • Stop looking for approval from others to chase your dream
  • Just fucking get started



Why in the heck do you want to train for the CrossFit Games?